OKI-DO YOGA Instructor Training Course

We've been training yoga instructors for more than 33 years and now have more than 700 qualified instructors! Many of our graduates have their own yoga studios.

Wouldn't you like to become a yoga instructor and convey the joy of yoga to others?

They experience double the joy and courage in seeing others enjoy yoga.
We recommend this course to people who have practiced yoga and realized its positive effects.
It's important to have a feeling of wanting to convey the positive effects of yoga to your family and friends, such as correcting physical defects or dealing with lower back pain, stiff shoulders or knee pains, etc.
Take this opportunity to learn yoga more broadly and deeply in training to become a yoga instructor.

People from all walks of life can learn yoga, putting it to use in their own work or becoming independent instructors.

Here are some examples:

  • Persons who want to teach yoga at local culture centers, community centers or circles.
  • Persons who are trainers in sports gyms and want to learn yoga instruction methods systematically.
  • Persons close to retirement who want to teach yoga to their friends as a way to keep fit in their senior years.
  • Professional caregivers who want to maintain their own health and eliminate muscular strain or who want to teach simple stretching exercises to the elderly persons in their care.
  • And many more

At Family Yoga, we back you up in all aspects. Whether it be how to conduct classes or run lessons or whatever, feel free to contact us by mail or telephone.

Accepting applications regularly for the trial lesson! You can become a member at any time! You are free to switch to another class.

Sign up at any time for a trial lesson of Yoga Instructor Course trial lesson!

Graduates of the course who are now staff members will provide information!

It's possible to attend a trial lesson of the Yoga Instructor Training Course.
This program allows entry to the course midway. Sign up for a trial lesson for the day and time best suited to your needs.

The Yoga Instructor Course trial lesson costs 2,100 yen.
The fee for the trial lesson will be applied to the membership fee or lesson costs if you subsequently sign up for the Yoga Instructor Course, making the trial lesson virtually free of charge!

Yoga Instructor Course Class Policies 1. Easy to understand. 2. Progress you can feel. 3. Changes confusion into confidence. 4. Ability to put it to work in your own instruction (while also propagating the instruction methods). 5. Improves your posture and softens your facial expression.

Course Contents of Yoga Instructor Training Course

A single lesson consists of 2 sessions of 100 minutes for a total of 200 minutes (3 hours and 20 minutes) with break time.

First session: Lectures using Yoga Textbook
History of yoga, philosophy of yoga
Breathing methods, yin-yang diet, yoga fasting method, yoga way to beauty
Methods to ease maternity, recover vision and develop self-control.
Traditional healing approaches, methods to deal with lower back pain, oversensitivity to cold, etc.
Graduation Examination
Mental attitude of the yoga instructor
Second session: Exercises based on the Yoga Textbook
Stretching, 15 asana postures in order, methodology, effects, instruction methods, methods of assuming asana postures, methods for strengthening abdominal and back muscles, breathing methods
Exercises to eliminate physical irregularities, methods to adjust the pelvis, SOTAI Therapy, shiatsu methods

(1) We incorporate limbering-up movements and "counterirritant" methods to practice yoga without excessive strain or injury.
(2) To maintain health: Experiencing a half-fast fasting method to better understand the harmonization and interrelation of physical condition and diet.
(3) Experiencing ginger and konnyaku poultices, etc. to ease bodily strain while eliminating dullness, oversensitivity to cold and lower back pain.
(4) Advice on how to run yoga classes.

Items 1 to 4 are taught to all participants as part of General Yoga in Daily Life.

Instructor Training Course 1 Instructor Training Course 2 Instructor Training Course 3

Guide to Yoga Instructor Training Course

Trial lesson Please sign up for the trial lesson.
There is a special trial lesson costing 2,200 yen (which can later be applied to the membership fee when becoming a member).
Membership Possible to become a member at any time.
Courses begin in January, April, July and October. It is possible to enter a course midway.
Period 6-month course: 17 times x 200 minutes + yoga camp (2 nights, 3 days) or
3-month course: 17 times x 200 minutes + yoga camp (2 nights, 3 days)
Instruction materials Yoga Textbook by Saburo Ishii, Yoga No Yorokobi (Joy of Yoga) by Masahiro Oki, OKI-DO YOGA Seikatsu Gyoji Shu (Special Text on Daily Training Exercises with OKI-DO YOGA), and other materials
Instruction dates
and times
Choose a course from four courses.
Saturday course: 3 PM to 6:20 PM (46th season Saturday class: July, 2013 to December, 2013)
Sunday course: 10 AM to 1:20 PM (46th season Sunday class: July, 2013 to December, 2013)

Monday course: 10 AM to 1:20 PM (47th season Monday class: October, 2013 to March, 2014)
Wednesday course: 1 PM to 4:20 PM (47th season Wednesday class: October, 2013 to March, 2014)

* Possible to switch to another class.
* Also possible to mix attendance in two courses that take place during the same period.
This can be used according to the individual goal, such as furthering understanding or obtaining attendance recognition at an early date (with graduation in three months).
Amenities * In addition to attending the Instructor Training Course, you are entitled to attend the Health and wellness Yoga Course four times a month.
An opportunity to actually learn how to run a yoga studio.
* Possible to attend the Yoga Camp (2 nights, 3 days).
Broaden your knowledge of yoga while extending the range of your instruction.
* Texts, etc. are included.
These are essential texts for yoga instructors.
Course attendance
An attendance certificate will be issued to persons who have attended all 18 lessons.
Missed lessons can be made up in the next season. The attendance certificate will then be issued when all lessons have been completed.
Membership fee 5,400 yen (tax included)
Course fee 237,600 yen (tax included)
Includes textbook costs, 4 lessons a month (x 6 months), charges for Health and wellness Yoga Classes and charges for Yoga Camp (2 nights, 3 days).
Payment in advance. Payment possible in up to three installments (with separate installment payment fee).
Instructors Saburo Ishii and Family Yoga instructors
Required equipment Writing materials, comfortable clothes allowing free movement, towel, two facial photos measuring 4 x 5 cm (first time)

Implementation Schedule of Yoga Instructor Training Course

to "Calendar" (Japanese)

Subject to change. Persons switching to another class are requested to confirm this via the Family Yoga E-mail.

Upon completing all 18 courses, a certificate of attendance will be issued.
The units for missed classes can be obtained in the following season. A certificate of attendance will be issued when all units have been completed.

We are proud to announce that we have more than 700 graduates of our instructor training programs in the past 33 years.

September Graduates

Yoga Instructor Training Course Graduates 1 Yoga Instructor Training Course Graduates 2

Messages from graduates of the Instructor Training Course

Atsuko Wada (Fitness Instructress, ASR Chairperson)

When I first stood there as a yoga instructress before my students, my teaching materials were limited to describing the effects of the asanas (postures) and teaching the breathing techniques, and then I got stuck.

With Kanda Family Yoga, during half a year, in addition to the asanas and breathing methods, you learn Sotai-ho to correct irregularities in the body, a yin-yang diet tailored to the individual physical constitution, and traditional healing methods.
Likewise, at the Yoga Camp in Ito, there are classes with the accent on actual practice.

During the after-class study meetings following completion of the program, they give you moral and mental support, letting you consult with them at any time.
You will have the feeling that the scales have fallen from your eyes in encountering these Eastern views of health, which amount to learning from nature.

Considering how much you learn in the courses, the tuition is reasonable, I think.

Kiyomi Murakami (Yoga Instructress)

It's now about two and a half years since I completed the Family Yoga Instructor Training Course.
The teachers in the course taught me, a person lacking any prior knowledge, most patiently and kindly.

In addition to the asanas, they taught us about yoga dietary approaches, and made it possible for us to acquire the right attitude as instructors.

At present, I'm able to teach 10 classes a week, individual instruction and classes for senior citizens and children.
It's really a pleasure for me as an instructress to be able to give reliable answers to people's questions. I myself enjoy the lessons immensely.

In April of last year I was able to attend a gathering in Australia with other yoga enthusiasts and get to appreciate the activities of those other teachers and how broad-reaching and wonderful OKI-DO YOGA is.
I really feel it was a wise decision to have taken the Instructor Training Course at Family Yoga.


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Yoga Books and DVDs

Yoga Textbook

Yoga Textbook by Saburo Ishii

Yoga Textbook

Jibun De Naosu Yoga No Oshie (Teachings of Yoga to Cure Yourself) by Hisae Ishii

Karada Ni Kiku Yoga

Karada Ni Kiku Yoga (Yoga While Listening to the Body) by Saburo Ishii

Stretch to Hogushi-Dosa

Stretch to Hogushi-Dosa (Stretching and Limbering Excercises) by Saburo Ishii

Yoga no Syusei Taisou

Yoga no Syusei Taisou (Balance and Health Gymnastics of Yoga)
Three-DVD set

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