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Health and wellness Yoga Course Trial Lesson OKI-DO YOGA Instructor Training Course Trial Lesson
Health and wellness Yoga Course OKI-DO YOGA Instructor Training Course

Yoga Books and DVDs

Yoga Textbook

Yoga Textbook by Saburo Ishii

Yoga Textbook

Jibun De Naosu Yoga No Oshie (Teachings of Yoga to Cure Yourself) by Hisae Ishii

Karada Ni Kiku Yoga

Karada Ni Kiku Yoga (Yoga While Listening to the Body) by Saburo Ishii

Stretch to Hogushi-Dosa

Stretch to Hogushi-Dosa (Stretching and Limbering Excercises) by Saburo Ishii

Yoga no Syusei Taisou

Yoga no Syusei Taisou (Balance and Health Gymnastics of Yoga)
Three-DVD set

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