Family Yoga Company Information

Company Information

Name of Company:
Family Yoga Inc.
Daini-Okubo Building, 4th floor, 1-9-1 Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044
Saburo Ishii, President and CEO
  • Running yoga classrooms
  • Disseminating yoga
  • Training yoga instructors
  • Publications
  • Production and sales of DVDs
  • All other activities incidental thereto

Family Yoga Photo History

August 1980: Family Yoga Camp in Izu Shirotakawa

Just a short walk to the seaside for exercise. Yoga meals and lively discussions.

Izu Yoga 1 Izu Yoga 2 Izu Yoga 3 Izu Yoga 4

December 1980: Participation in OKI-DO YOGA Training in India

Training with the Yoga Master Iyengar at the Poona Iyengar Ashram.

India Yoga 1 India Yoga 2 India Yoga 3

August 1981: Onkyo Camp in Shiga Kogen

Hotel where we stayed. Easing stiff muscles with Kumitaiso (gymnastic formation)

Shiga Yoga 1 Shiga Yoga 2

October 1981: At Kanda Family Yoga

Children's yoga.

Children's yoga

July 1990: Participation in OKI-DO YOGA Children's Yoga Seminar in Taiwan

Taiwan Yoga 1 Taiwan Yoga 2

December 1991: Participation in OKI-DO YOGA Jainism Study in India

Yoga in India 1 Yoga in India 2 Yoga in India 3 Yoga in India 4

January 1993: Participation in OKI-DO YOGA Seminar in The Blue Mountains, Australia

Australia Yoga 1 Australia Yoga 2 Australia Yoga 3 Australia Yoga 4

February 1993: OKI-DO YOGA Dojo


September 1992: Participation in OKI-DO YOGA Seminar in New York

Participation as an instructor in the OKI-DO YOGA New York Seminar
Carried out instruction in the loquat heat therapy method for AIDS patients connected with yoga and obtained amazing results.

New York Yoga 1 New York Yoga 2 New York Yoga 3 New York Yoga 4

August 1997: Sand Bath Camp at Shirako Beach in Chiba Prefecture

Sand Bath Camp 1 Sand Bath Camp 2 Sand Bath Camp 3

March 1999: Family Yoga Study Meeting, Use of Aikido Methods

Aikido 1 Aikido 2 Aikido 3

April 1999: OKI-DO YOGA Group in Taiwan, Half-Fast Yoga Camp

Taiwan Half-Fast Yoga Camp 1 Taiwan Half-Fast Yoga Camp 2 Taiwan Half-Fast Yoga Camp 3

April 1999: Yoga Asana Photography Session, Family Yoga

Yoga Asana

August 2000: Sand Bath at Shirako-Machi Pension in Chiba Prefecture

Sand Bath

December 2001: Yoga Training Trip to Sydney, Australia

Sydney Yoga 1 Sydney Yoga 2 Sydney Yoga 2

August 2003: Seminar with the Yoga Master Hong in Taiwan with Family Yoga

Yoga Master Hong in Taiwan 1 Yoga Master Hong in Taiwan 2 Yoga Master Hong in Taiwan 3 Yoga Master Hong in Taiwan 4 Yoga Master Hong in Taiwan 5 Yoga Master Hong in Taiwan 6
Health and wellness Yoga Course Trial Lesson OKI-DO YOGA Instructor Training Course Trial Lesson
Health and wellness Yoga Course OKI-DO YOGA Instructor Training Course

Yoga Books and DVDs

Yoga Textbook

Yoga Textbook by Saburo Ishii

Yoga Textbook

Jibun De Naosu Yoga No Oshie (Teachings of Yoga to Cure Yourself) by Hisae Ishii

Karada Ni Kiku Yoga

Karada Ni Kiku Yoga (Yoga While Listening to the Body) by Saburo Ishii

Stretch to Hogushi-Dosa

Stretch to Hogushi-Dosa (Stretching and Limbering Excercises) by Saburo Ishii

Yoga no Syusei Taisou

Yoga no Syusei Taisou (Balance and Health Gymnastics of Yoga)
Three-DVD set

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